Riyad Hijab: Higher Negotiation Committee Authorized to Negotiate on Behalf of Entire Opposition

Committee approved to negotiate on behalf of all opposition political and military wings, says general coordinator

The head of the opposition's Higher Negotiation Committee said the delegation has been authorized to negotiate on behalf of the full spectrum of the Syrian opposition in accordance with a number of fixed principles.

In a statement, General Coordinator Riyad Hijab stressed that the committee is "endorsed by all the political and military wings of the opposition".

Hijab added that the departure of Assad and his entourage, preserving the unity of Syria’s territory, maintaining state institutions, and restructuring the security establishment are among the principles that are non-negotiable.

"In light of the current circumstances – the methodological bombing and the hard-lined position shown by the regime and its allies, as well as the irresponsible statements made by the regime – it is not the right time to start any negotiation process," he added.

Hijab explained it is essential that "negotiations are proceeded by initiatives of good will and trust building."

He also demanded that UN Security Council Resolution 2254 be followed by explanatory memorandums to fix the Geneva I communique and UN General Assembly 262/67.

This, he added, "should be accompanied by an end to the killing machine and guaranteeing the exit of terrorist groups and mercenaries from the country."


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