Assad Delegation to Include Alleged War Criminal and Relative of Haytham Manaa

Loyalist media publish names of regime negotiation team, including relative of controversial opposition figure Roay Sherbiji and notorious security official Samer Bareedi

Pro-Assad media published the names of the regime’s negotiating delegation which arrived in Geneva on Friday, as the al-Watan newspaper released a picture of the delegation, composed of 15 people, including head representative Bashar al-Jaafari.

The regime delegation will include: Bashar al-Jaafari as head of the delegation, Hossam al-Deen Illah (Syrian ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva), Ahmed Arnous, Ahmed Kazberi, Mohamed Khair al-Akaam, Amal al-Yaziji, Hassan al-Bahri, Amar Owsi, Amjad Eissa, Ammar Arsan, Jamaila Sherbiji, Rafah Bareedi, Elias Shaheen, Samer Bareedi, Osama Ali, and Roay Sherbiji.

Among the prominent names in the Assad delegation are Roay Sherbiji, the former spokeswoman for the Syrian embassy in Washington, and state security officer Samer Bareedi, who was implicated in war crimes in the Damascus countryside.

Alsouria Net learned that Sherbiji is a relative of the head of the Qamh Movement, Haytham Manaa, who is in Switzerland on the sidelines of the Geneva III conference as a consultant. In addition to her mission as spokeswoman for the Assad embassy in Washington, it is known she authored security reports on the Syrian opposition before she returned to Syria after the embassy in Washington was closed.

Sherbiji is a relative of Manaa, whom the Syrian opposition refused to include in its negotiating delegation because of his close ties to Russia, especially after his recent message to the United Nations, in which he accused the opposition delegation emerging from the Riyadh conference of being connected to Al-Qaeda, and expressed his willingness to negotiate with the regime without conditions.

In the same context, Samer Bareedi was a state security officer in Douma in the Damascus countryside and participated with regime forces in carrying out massacres of protesters at the beginning of the revolution in the city in 2011.

A media activist in the city of Douma, Youssef al-Bustani, said: “Bareedi is responsible for carrying out several massacres in Douma, and the people know him and his crimes perfectly well. He is responsible for killing protesters in Douma, and he was responsible for organizing the sniper massacre against protesters.”

Bustani questioned the integrity of the United Nations in accepting the presence of Bareedi, claiming he ordered the killing of dozens of children and men through snipers and torture.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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