FSA Assumes Control of Aleppo Villages from Kurdish-Led Forces

Free Syrian Army commander says international coalition authorized units to take over and administer 11 villages in the northern Aleppo countryside, opposition website reports

Commander of the Free Syrian Army's Al-Mutasim Brigade Mustafa Sijri announced that the international coalition had authorized his forces to take over 11 villages in the northern Aleppo countryside from the Syrian Democratic Forces.

After showing a picture of a letter signed by the U.S.-led coalition, Sijri said on Twitter on Wednesday that “the letter issued by the international coalition is the result of constant efforts and work for more than two months that aim, in the first stage, for the return of 300,000 people displaced in camps.”

“Our brothers in the Al-Mutasim Brigade had taken it upon themselves to cooperate with friends and allies to carry this out and spare the region the scourge of war,” he added.

He pointed to “reaching a state of peace between the communities of the Syrian people” as a goal, but said such a peace “begins with the return of rights.” He noted that a number of meetings had been held, without naming the parties, and “the results so far have been encouraging. We will wait a short while and clarify full details in a press conference after finalizing the matter, God wiling.”

Sijri addressed the people of the region in one of his tweets, saying: “To our people in Tel Rifaat, Ain Daqnah and other regions, know that the day you return to your homes and land is near, and that your calls have been received."

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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