Three Prominent Members in Opposition Syrian Coalition Resign

Suhair al-Atassi, George Sabra and Khaled Khoja have all stepped down


Suhair al-Atassi, George Sabra and Khaled Khoja have resigned from the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, giving a number of reasons in a detailed statement.

Atassi said she had decided to resign because “the current official track toward a political solution in Syria has become identical with the Russian track which rehabilitates the Assad regime and its war criminals and undermines a real, material political solution, and transfers it to a division of powers and the benefits of powers among forces, figures and countries.”

She added on Twitter that some official institutions of the revolution and opposition forces had lost “the challenge imposed on them by the international community, where they were put before the dilemma of submitting or disappearing, and some of them chose the priority of surviving and living with the illusion of achieving the possible and pursuing political realism.”

Sabra said that the reason for his resignation was that “the Coalition is no longer our coalition, which was loyal to the principles of the revolution and the aims of the people, because the working methods and measures adopted do not respect the documents and decisions and do not comply with the will of members and the independent Syrian national vision, and because of the contradictions between its members and constituencies … I announce my withdrawal from the Coalition and give up my membership in its general authority. Wishing you success.”

Khoja said in a statement: “I believe in the need for the independence of revolutionary decision making and the need to continue national work outside the coalition’s framework. I am in accordance with Mr. George Sabra and my colleague Suhair al-Atassi in the reasons upon which I am basing my decision to withdraw. I announce my withdrawal from my membership in the coalition and its general authority.”

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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