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Women Taking New Role in Suweida’s Security Breakdown

Around 460 kidnappings have been recorded in the province in a single year, Alsouria Net reports
Women Taking New Role in Suweida’s Security Breakdown

Suweida province has witnessed a security breakdown in recent years, in which gangs that perform kidnappings for ransom have been active. Recent months have also seen women storm the crime world in the province.

According to the Damas Post pro-regime website’s report on Tuesday, Suweida has recorded about 460 kidnappings in a single year, including 90 soldiers.

Within this framework, the pro-regime Al-Watan newspaper reported in an issue published today that members of the Criminal Security Branch in Suweida were able to arrest two sisters, “Sadi and Selma,” after they sold fake gold pieces with forged invoices. They were found to be in possession of two gold bands with forged invoices.

A source in the criminal security branch told the newspaper that the two sisters had confessed during investigations to forging the gold jewelry through the sale of fake gold pieces in a number of jewelers in the cities of Suweida and Shahba.

The source added that they also arrested a woman called “Silvin” after she, in cooperation with two people, lured a resident to an apartment on the pretext of buying property from him and then forced him to remove his clothes, photographed him, and forced him to fingerprint a number of security bonds at gunpoint.

Another woman by the name of “Susan H” was also arrested after she killed the wife of her husband’s brother by stabbing her with a knife repeatedly as a result of a dispute between them regarding property inheritance.

The weapon was confiscated, the necessary arrest made, and she was sent to the judiciary and placed in civilian custody.

The newspaper gave other examples of kidnapping and ransom demands whose perpetrators were arrested in recent days.

The number of kidnappings in Suweida has increased dramatically recently in light of the security stagnation the province has witnessed.

Suweida 24 has previously said that the province saw 31 kidnappings or arrests of civilians and soldiers in various conditions last October alone, a rate of about one per day.

It said that 30 cases of kidnapping and forcible disappearance in Suweida had occurred in September in Suweida.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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