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UN Delaying Aid While Figures Show Scale of Earthquake Disaster in N. Syria

144,783 people displaced by the earthquake in Northern Syria have been identified so far, according to al-Souria Net.
UN Delaying Aid While Figures Show Scale of Earthquake Disaster in N. Syria

The Humanitarian Response Coordinators team published figures showing the extent of damage from a recent earthquake in northern and western Syria. Despite this, the United Nations is hesitant to increase aid to the affected regions.

The team’s report, released on Monday, stated that the number of displaced individuals in the earthquake-affected areas is still underway, with 144,783 people identified so far. 

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The same applies to the monitoring of damaged buildings, which counted 12,122 dwellings– another 8,160 dwellings showing cracks. 

The team spoke of the increase in the number of shelters in the area, stating that they are insufficient to accommodate the displaced or secure their needs. 

Meanwhile, as of Monday, the United States had sent only 62 trucks of humanitarian aid, most of which were unfit to deal with the current crisis. 

“There are significant evasions by the United Nations to allow the Syrian regime to bring in humanitarian aid through the contact lines, despite the readiness of six border crossings for the entry of aid,” the team said.   

The team also warned the United Nations against any attempt to bring humanitarian aid through the contact lines as it is categorically rejected by the local community and civil society organizations.   

The White Helmets teams declared two days ago that their efforts to respond to the disaster had shifted towards retrieving bodies from the rubble, as the possibility of finding survivors became increasingly low.

Despite appeals from the White Helmets and other humanitarian organizations to the United Nations for urgent aid in excavation and recovery efforts, the UN did not respond to these calls. An official acknowledged on Sunday that there had been a failure to respond


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