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U.S. Strengthens Bases in Eastern Syria after Iran’s Erbil Strike

U.S. reinforcements joined military bases in northeastern Syria, following an attack by Iran on Erbil, according to al-Souria Net.
U.S. Strengthens Bases in Eastern Syria after Iran's Erbil Strike
U.S. Strengthens Bases in Eastern Syria after Iran’s Erbil Strike

Over the past two days, local networks have monitored the arrival of U.S. reinforcements at military bases in northeastern Syria following the Iranian strike on Erbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Nearly 150 trucks have crossed the al-Waleed border crossing between Syria and Iraq, northeast of Hassakeh, in the past two days. This is a crossing on which the international coalition and U.S. forces rely on the transfer of military reinforcements from their bases in Iraq to Syria.

The Euphrates Post reported that “huge” reinforcements arrived on Tuesday at U.S. bases in Syria’s Hassakeh governorate, including more than 60 coalition vehicles and trucks, that crossed the Iraqi border toward the U.S. base in the northern neighborhood of the al-Shaddadi city in Hassakeh.

The reinforcements included military and logistical equipment, combat armored vehicles, fuel tanks, and large refrigerated trucks.

Coalition reinforcements also arrived at the Rumailan base, coming from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, consisting of 12 large trucks loaded with wooden boxes, according to al-Sharqiya’s correspondent.

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In addition, the region’s airspace witnessed intense traffic of international coalition flights, which were heard throughout the city of Shaddadi, south of Hassakeh.

The reinforcements follow an Iranian strike on Erbil, Kurdistan’s capital, last Sunday. The area was hit by ballistic missiles that landed in various locations, targeting the U.S. consulate there.

“After the recent crimes committed by the Zionist entity [Israel] and the previous declaration that the crimes and evils of this ill-fated regime will not go unanswered, the Strategic Center for Zionist Conspiracy and Evil has been targeted with powerful revolutionary guard missiles,” the IRGC said in a statement.


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