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Two ISIS Members Killed in Operation by Opposition Factions

Former opposition factions in Daraa have clashed with ISIS, resulting in two of the group's members dying, according to al-Modon.

Local factions from the former opposition recently initiated a campaign against ISIS cells in Daraa’s southern countryside, resulting in the death of two ISIS members and injuries to four faction members during clashes.

The Ahrar Houran Gathering reported that ex-opposition members attacked an ISIS hideout in al-Hirak, eastern Daraa. Intense clashes ensued with light and medium weapons after information about a secret midnight meeting of ISIS members and leaders. The clashes led to curfews and school closures until further notice.

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One participant mentioned that the targeted group was accused of numerous kidnappings and assassinations in Hirak. The pursuit of the group’s remnants continues.

Contrary to rumours, the Gathering denied the involvement of regime forces in the Hirak clashes. The local campaign, led by Kaser al-Qaddah and his group, previously affiliated with the Eighth Brigade, began in mid-October 2022 in Jassem, northern Daraa, resulting in the death of ISIS leader Abu al-Hassan al-Hashemi al-Qurashi and other members.

The US Central Command attributed Qurashi’s death to a Free Syrian Army operation, refuting Syrian regime and Russian claims. A faction leader disclosed that Qurashi and two other ISIS leaders were killed in a security operation in Jassem. Qurashi had used multiple names like Abu Abdul Rahman al-Iraqi and Saif Baghdad to conceal his identity.

Lawlessness has persisted in Daraa governorate since the regime’s control in mid-July 2018, with daily assassinations targeting opposition figures, affiliated elements, and officers in the western countryside.


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