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Turkish Army Engages ISIS on Syrian Border

Clashes erupted as ISIS fighters reportedly attempt to cross into Turkish territory, sources claim
Turkish Army Engages ISIS on Syrian Border

Field sources reported that the Turkish army has engaged with Islamic State (ISIS) fighters on the border between Syria and Turkey, using heavy weapons.

"The clashes took place after ISIS fighters tried to enter Turkish territory. One soldier was killed and five others were injured", the sources said.

Field sources in the north of Aleppo said, "the Turkish army asked the people of Aiyashah village to evacuate their homes for their own safety", adding that the Turkish army bombed ISIS locations inside the village.

The sources denied the rumors about Turkish army operations inside Syrian territory.

According to Turkish TGRT Haber channel, Turkish tanks and troops have been mobilized at the border to enter the Syrian territories and fight ISIS, while Turkey’s Yeni Safak newspaper said: "the Turkish army shelled ISIS positions in the Turkmen areas (inside Syria)”.

This comes a day after the declaration of the establishment of two security posts on the Syrian border near Kilis, according to an official statement.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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