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Turkish-Backed Forces Fight One Another in Northwestern Syria

Aleppo Governorate has witnessed clashes between two Turkish-backed militias, reports Al-Masdar.
Turkish-Backed Forces Fight One Another in Northwestern Syria

Two Turkish-backed militant groups clashed in northwestern Syria this weekend, causing a new wave of violence in the western countryside of the Aleppo Governorate.

According to local reports from the Aleppo Governorate, the clashes broke out between Jabhat Al-Shamiya (Levant Front) and Jaysh Al-Islam (Army of Islam) in the Afrin region, resulting in a heavy exchange of gunfire in a number of neighborhoods.

The reports said the conflict between the two large militant factions occurred over the control of some residential buildings inside the Afrin region of the Aleppo Governorate.

Furthermore, a local from Afrin told RT Arabic on Saturday: “The reason for these clashes between the Turkish-backed factions is due to their difference over the sharing of the properties of the city’s original residents.”

He added, “members of Jabhat Al-Shamiya confiscated the money from a number of Jaysh Al-Islam elements coming from Libya, and after that, clashes erupted. ”

Local Syrian activists also confirmed that two members of Jaysh Al-Islam were killed and about 12 others were wounded as a result of Jabhat Al-Shamiya’s attacks on the former’s headquarters in the city center.


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