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Turkey Deports Refugees Back Into Syria, Sources Claim

A group of Syrians and Palestinians caught escaping to Greece from Izmir have reportedly been deported back into Syrian territory by Turkish authorities
Turkey Deports Refugees Back Into Syria, Sources Claim

Turkish authorities have deported a number of Palestinian and Syrian refugees to the north of Syria, after they were arrested while trying to reach Greece.

The "Working for Palestinians in Syria" group reported, via one of the deportees, that the refugees "had been arrested in the Turkish city of Izmir where they were harassed by security there, before being deported by bus to border camps”. The soldiers reportedly moved the refugees outside the Turkish border, telling them they were barred from entering Turkey for a year.

International law prohibits the deportation of refugees to areas of conflict or war.

The deportee said the Turkish authorities did not supply them with any official document confirming the reason for deportation.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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