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Turkey Expelled 6,000 Syrian Refugees in a Single Month

Turkey has been ramping up the deportations of Syrian refugees, with the numbers almost doubling in just two months writes Ana Press.
Turkey Expelled 6,000 Syrian Refugees in a Single Month

The administration of the Bab al-Hawa border crossing has revealed new statistics about the number Syrians who have been expelled from Turkey to Syrian territory via the crossing over the last three months.

According to the border statistics, 6,160 people were expelled over July, while 4,370 people were expelled in June and 3,316 people were expelled in May.

The number of people expelled over the last month increased, according to the border statistics, following a recent campaign that targeted Syrians in Istanbul who had violations related to their temporary protection “Kimlik” cards.

Istanbul had given a deadline of Aug. 20, 2019, to people whose Kimlik was in violation in Istanbul, while witnesses told Ana Press that they had seen buses full of Syrians thought to be on their way to be deported, more than two days after a statement was issued by Istanbul state about the deportations being stopped.

Istanbul has been witnessing a broad security campaign since the start of the month, during which a number of Syrians in violation have been deported. Rights activists are trying to reach a solution through the lawyers union in Ankara to return the deportees who held Kimliks.

On Wednesday, the President of the Opposition Coalition, Anas al-Abdah, met with the Turkish Interior Minister, Suleyman Soylu, and agreed to form a working group that aimed to discuss Syrians’ issues and problems in Turkey.


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