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Traders Go On Strike at Bab as-Salamah Border Crossing

Merchants strike after moves to halve load limits for trucks were issued by crossing administration
Traders Go On Strike at Bab as-Salamah Border Crossing

Syrian merchants who transport goods between Turkey and Syria began a strike on Monday at the Bab as-Salamah border crossing with Turkey, near Azaz in the far northern countryside of Aleppo.


Trucks stopped at the commercial section of the crossing while drivers and traders declared their refusal to continue working under the conditions imposed by the crossing's administration, who they consider unjust and a major cause for trade-related problems.


Activists reported that this strike was launched after the administration of the crossing issued a decision to reduce the permitted cargo load from 50 tons to 26 tons per truck. The move would greatly increase of the cost of transportation and inflict large losses upon dealers, as the cost of any commodity transported would increase.


Traders say that the decision will lead to increased costs of transported materials, which will consequently affect consumers, as the dealer would be forced to raise prices. Some imported goods and materials, especially foods, are expected to double in price.


Traders have asked the crossing's management to dedicate a yard for unloading and transporting goods, which aims to: ease the work of the dealer and the distributor, alleviate the constant confusion in the transportation process, facilitate the monitoring of everything entering or leaving the crossing and limit irregularities.


The crossing’s administration has since refused to prepare the yard.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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