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Time for Economic Diplomacy

Faisal al-Mekdad said that the primary role of diplomacy now lies in the economic field, according to al-Watan.
Time for Economic Diplomacy

On Tuesday, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Faisal al-Mekdad said that the primary role of diplomacy now lies in the economic field. He argued that every effort must be made in this respect, especially in the context of confronting the coercive measures taken by the United States and European countries against the Syrian people. Mekdad described these measures as immoral and inhumane, which contradict all the humanitarian sentiments that the West claims that it holds towards other peoples.

In a press statement after a Council of Ministers meetings and after a four-day visit to India, Mekdad said: “Our embassies are constantly mobilized, and the instructions have to work with all economic actors in the countries where they are located. At the Syrian embassies and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we are cooperating with the public and private sectors. The Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce is working via parliamentary diplomacy, which also plays an active role in communicating with representatives of other nations through commonly attended events. Through these measures, we aim to work towards overcoming these difficult circumstances that we are going through.”

India Offers Syria $200 Million Credit Lines

Mekdad called on Syrian embassies to interact with all economic actors, mainly with expatriates, in order to provide the required economic outcomes, in the best possible way to help the Syrian people to face these challenges. According to Mekdad, these problems are mainly traceable to Israel and the countries that support it. Their aim is to deprive the Syrian people and impose policies that weaken both the Syrian people and Syria’s regional and international position.

During his visit to India, Mekdad met with Indian Vice President Jagdeep Dankhar and his Indian counterpart Subramaniam Jachyankar. They discussed strengthening political and economic relations between the two countries, the latest political developments and bilateral issues that unite them.

Mekdad also met with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Industry and called on Indian companies to invest in Syria, which is looking towards the east in its reconstruction efforts.


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