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The regime facilitates ISIS actions in Syria

This story has been written for The Syrian Observer by an activist from Idleb who say that by incorporating Al-Qaeda in Syria, the regime is stoking sectarian tensions, since Hezbollah is already located in Syria, along with the Iraqi Shiite radical movement, Abo Fadl El Abbasi
The regime facilitates ISIS actions in Syria

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) do not get along.  ISIS frequently arrests FSA members and charges them with treason.


The Syrian regime and ISIS, on the other hand, get along tremendously. They fight, but very little, and in a miniature version of the other fights in Syria.


For example, in the eastern city of Deir El-Zor, one colonel asked his solders: “Who is attacking us?” The soldier replied, “ISIS,” to which the colonel ordered them to drop their weapons and flee.


The locations of ISIS headquarters are well-known by all regime personnel, therefore when the regime airstrikes begin, they don’t strike them.


When the FSA fights the regime, however, they don’t hold back, but level the city to the ground.


When ISIS fights the regime, the regime surrenders and moves on to another city, which also implies good relations.


Another example dates back to 2008, when the Prime Minister of Iraq claimed Bashar al-Assad was supporting Al-Qaeda in Iraq. The regime helped Al-Qaeda and Iran to strengthen, so they can use them in times like these.


By incorporating Al-Qaeda in Syria, the regime is stoking sectarian tensions, since Hezbollah-which is a Shiite extremist group are already located in Syria, along with the Iraqi Shiite radical movement, Abo Fadl El Abbasi.


The sectarian Hezbollah Army and Abo Fadel El Abbasi are both against Al-Qaeda. It is absurd that an enemy should become a faithful friend in times of conflict. They both burn the Syrian country in the name of religion. They’ve changed the name of the Syrian Revolution and proved that it is a civil war.


ISIS relations with people


ISIS kill thieves and try to guard the roads against theft and banditry to try to win the hearts and support of the citizens for the future state. But among the rules they enforce are bans on smoking and some clothes shops, demanding that people attend the mosque and that women must wear hijab. People hate them.




ISIS commit assassinations and kill anyone who opposes them, including the Free Syrian Army members, like Abu Baser. They also kill anyone that follows the Ahfad al-Rasoul and Asfet al-Shamal brigades. They murder innocent souls in the name of treason, affiliations with the west and religion. They’ve killed activists and stolen equipment.


Nobody was killed in FSA held territories until ISIS came along. Joumaliy, a journalist for Reuters, and a journalist for Al-Jazeera International was killed, and just last month activist Mohammad Saed was killed.


Last month was named the bloodiest month for press in Syria, with at least 12 journalists killed. The journalists that oppose the regime today are not able to come into Syria to cover the events because of ISIS. ISIS is created to oppose the FSA, aside from the moderate Islamic Front, which is formed to increase the role of the FSA.


This was created by Saudi Arabia to increase its influence and later diminish the role of the FSA that is sponsored by Turkey. Martyrs from the FSA like Abo Tayeb Yousef Al-Jader (Abu Tsyeb), Abdel-Kader Al-Saleh and many others have been martyred for their country’s independence from the regime. Their brothers hope for victory


The people of Syria stand with the FSA. The FSA collaborates with the people and gives them food and humanitarian aid.


Where is Syria going? When will they put an end to our suffering? These questions do not have answers.



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