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The Harem of Power Party

The lavish event is drawing condemnation
The Harem of Power Party

A lavish ceremony held by a number of girls from famous families in Damascus under the name of "Harem Al Sultan" is still generating condemnation.


The party came at a time when most of the population of Syria from north to south is suffering the worst bloody crisis to mankind in the 21st Century.


The entertainment ceremony was described by activists as the "Harem of Power", saying that it doesn't represent original Damascene families.


Journalist Samir Matini wrote that "people that attended it were families of al-Haffar, Dabbas, at-Tajer, Jaafari and others, which are not considered the ancient Damascene families and do not represent Damascus.


"The original Damascenes mostly migrated out of the country and the rest lived in the countryside of Damascus. Those those who remained in Damascus are either in power or partners in it. Damascenes in Damascus are now like Indians in Washington," she wrote.


The "Fourth Power" Facebook page, which published pictures of the event, considered that "the goal is not to slander, but to shock those effective and powerful families in Damascus, which stand with the regime of murder and crime in one way or another, so that they may wake up and feel the suffering of people in the besieged areas."


Noting that they have a lot of pictures and names of participants and sponsors of the party, the page administrators said that this information will not be published, as they are waiting for participants "to change their position and do what it takes to save what can be saved".


Rouaa Daoudi, who attended the ceremony, replied saying that she did not understand what was wrong with the party and why the others are upset. She expressed in her own impolite manner that she had beared with the revolution for two years and were now bored.  She said she wants to" celebrate with the other girls" and in doing so, she asked: What is the mistake? She mocked those who objected, saying she believed their objection was because they were not invited.


Rouaa Daoudi took the same position.


"Yes, we are in Damascus and we want to celebrate as if there is no war, you have no right to blame us, may your anger kill you," she said.


It is noteworthy that Daoudi used an alternative name of Rour al-Assad and she introduced herself as working in the love of Assad's Syria. Perhaps that is why activists called the party "Harem of Power " instead of "Harem Al-Sultan".


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer



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