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Syria’s Response: Hundreds of Thousands of Civilians in Idleb Threatened with Displacement

Regime forces have launched a new assault on the de-escalation zone in northern Syria, according to Zaman al-Wasl.

The Syria Response Coordinators team has confirmed that the city of Idleb and its surrounding areas face an imminent threat of displacement into the unknown due to the Syrian regime’s intensified focus on targeting the city. In a recent report, it was highlighted that the regime forces have launched a new assault on the de-escalation zone in northern Syria, specifically targeting one of the largest areas inhabited by hundreds of thousands of civilians in Idleb. This marks the 20th such targeting by the Syrian regime and Russia since the beginning of the year, raising concerns among civilians about the possibility of further expansion in these targeted zones.

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Emphasizing the gravity of the situation, the report underscores the imminent risk faced by hundreds of thousands of civilians in Idleb and its vicinity, urging an immediate cessation of the repeated attacks on the civilian population. The systematic targeting of residential areas, particularly those housing camps, was condemned by the Syria Response Coordinators, which called for an end to these actions.

A stark warning was issued to all parties involved, cautioning against approaching or expanding bombing points in any area, as such actions are deemed war crimes. The Syria Response Coordinators reminded all parties to prioritize the protection of civilians in northern Syria from any form of attack. Notably, the population in the region has surpassed six million, including over two million who are displaced or forcibly relocated. The report also highlighted the challenges posed by the area’s inability to accommodate the continuous silent displacement movement from the contact line areas.



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