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Syria’s Historic Economy Minister, Muhammad al-Imadi, Dies at 90

Dr. Mohammed al-Imadi was a Syrian technocrat and economist He died on Wednesday according to al-Watan.
Syria’s Historic Economy Minister, Muhammad al-Imadi, Dies at 90

The Presidency of the Council of Ministers mourned Dr. Muhammad al-Imadi, the former Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade, who passed away Wednesday.

The obituary read: “Today, with the departure of former Minister al-Imadi, Syria has lost one of the national economic figures that played an important role in the process of developing the national economy and enhancing its role in various fields. Government action areas testify to his distinguished performance in developing the economy and foreign trade sector during his work as Minister of Economy.”

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Economist Ziad Ghosn, who has written extensively about the late minister, told Al-Watan that those who lived the time in which Dr. Al-Imadi was in positions of responsibility are fully aware of what he accomplished and the great services he provided to the country.

Imadi, he said, did not excel in economy only, but also by virtue of his domestic and foreign relations and the political confidence granted to him, was providing his expertise to the rest of the economic and service sectors, and handling many files.

With his departure, Syria has lost one of its faithful men who worked hard to get it to the shore of safety at a nervous stage in its history.


Dr. Mohammed al-Imadi was a Syrian technocrat and economist. He was known for introducing economic reforms at a time when Syria’s economy was strongly dominated by the socialist ideology of the Ba’ath Party. He is considered to have been the architect of Syria’s economic liberalization. In the 1980s, he helped Assad, the father, to get out of his global blockade. However, he is not known for corruption.


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