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Syrians Celebrate Opposition Victories in Idleb and Daraa

Residents of Barzeh celebrate the opposition victories in the north and south of the country, considering it a sign of things to come
Syrians Celebrate Opposition Victories in Idleb and Daraa

Syrian opposition fighters recently seized the cities of Bosra Sham in Daraa in south of Syria, and Idleb in the north, after fierce battles with regime forces.

Photographs have surfaced showing rebels in the major squares and landmarks of these cities, while joy and delight pervaded the rest of Syria, as Syrians see these events as a sign of things to come.

In the Barzeh neighborhood of Damascus – one of the first neighborhoods to hold a truce with the regime – people celebrated these victories, distributing sweets in the main streets to honor this victory.

In an interview with al-Souria Net, one of the neighborhood’s activists called Thaer ash-Shami said: "this victory was a relief and we now feel that victory is only few steps away from Damascus and its suburbs".

Due to security restrictions imposed by the regime on the capital, the celebrations were limited to areas controlled by the opposition, like Barzeh neighborhood, some areas in the south of Damascus, al-Muaddamiyah and Damascus Ghouta.

Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites witnessed a wave of blessings and congratulations on this historic event, where Arab and Syrian journalists and media workers, like Fatima at-Turaiki, were among the participants. The congratulations were not only on the victories in Idleb, as a few days earlier, Bosra Sham was also liberated from the grip of Iranian forces and Assad's army, after a successful large-scale attack by a number of rebel factions. Rebels have finally raised the flag of independence on the famous archaeological Roman amphitheater in the city.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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