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Syrian regime attacks Homs with lethal gas several times during this week

Syrian activists have accused the regime of dropping lethal explosive barrels on the most condensed residential areas in the northern countryside of Hama
Syrian regime attacks Homs with lethal gas several times during this week

More than 100 cases were reported of people suffering from lethal chlorine gas, which erupted from an explosive barrel dropped by Al-Assad's regime aeroplanes.


The director of the Health Care Department in the Governorate of Hama, Hassam al-Araj, told Al-Jazeera.net that Hama was targeted by such attacks six times during the last week.


Witnesses in the devastated area said that the remains of the lethal explosive barrels showed that they were made in Egypt. That made them very angry with the Egyptian coup regime.


Meanwhile, the regime forces have been increasing their attacks against the besieged city of Homs for several days. This now city tops the list of the most devastated Syrian cities; the largest number of deaths, injuries, rape victims and displaced have come from Homs.


The regime forces have broken the ceasefire and tightened the siege, which deteriorated all sides of life in the city. The continuous attacks of the regime have caused massive number of casualties and destruction.


Media reports said that more than 15 people were killed when a car exploded in front of a mosque on Friday resulting in a large number of wounded. The witnesses said that the car exploded while worshippers were leaving the mosque.


Meanwhile, spokeswoman of the US Department of State Jen Psaki said on Friday that her country was "deeply concerned" by the "brutal" attacks of the Syrian regime against civilians.


"The regime's bombardment and encirclement of the city is a despicable example of its starve-and-surrender battlefield approach," she said.




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