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Syrian Martyrs’ Children Commence Russia Visit

Delegation of Syrian martyrs' children met by Russian government and religious leaders on visit to nation's capital
Syrian Martyrs’ Children Commence Russia Visit

The Russian Brothers in Arms society received children of Syria’s martyrs on a visit to the town of Elektrogorsk, near Moscow, on Tuesday.

The delegation was welcomed by Syrian ambassador Riyad Haddad and Elektrogorsk Mayor Igor Krassavine, who noted the delegations’ visit coincided with the 70th anniversary of Russia’s victory over Nazi Germany.

The Syrian delegation thanked Russia for the invitation, expressing on behalf of themselves and all Syrians deep gratitude for Moscow’s firm stance in support of Syria.

During the reception, Pastor of the All Saints Church in Russia Father Alexander presented the delegation with a Russian icon as a gift for the church of Maaloula, calling for an end to war and for peace to prevail in Syria.

Following the ceremony, the martyrs’ children and participants signed a letter of peace for future generations which was placed inside a capsule set in one of the city’s parks.

A source at the Russian Defense Ministry said the delegation also plans to visit the Preobrazhensky Regiment, where the children will watch the regiment’s soldiers perform routines and visit a Russian military museum.

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