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Syrian Coalition Missing its Purpose

The three month term is a trap for those seeking position and power
Syrian Coalition Missing its Purpose

By the end of this month, Ahmad Jarba’s presidency of the Coalition will come to an end. It is expected to prompt a wave of dispute and discussion.


It will further dividing and sow mistrust among the Coalition’s members, where rivalry between Riyadh Hijab and Ahmed Jarba has reached unprecedented levels, extending to bribery and deepening the dependency on other patrons.


Meanwhile there has been no official reaction to the Syrian presidential election of Bashar Assad by the Coalition, they have only expressed  disgust at the situation, without any tangible effect.


The Coalition presidency body has not yet even called for a meeting to decide if the Coalition president would be chosen by election or agreement. However this does not mean that Jarba is going to breach the rules of procedure of the Coalition, instead it is likely he will nominate one of his supporters for the position and apply Putin-Medvedev style leadership plan.


It is expected that the conflict over the leadership will affect the two poles in Syrian conflict – Saudi Arabia and Qatar –  and there will even be calls for international intervention to help find a suitable president.


The painful questions now are: What has the Coalition done for the Syrian people,  despite being internationally recognized by over 100 country as the representative to the Syrian people? Moreover, what is the role of the Coalition president, who gained the position without public election, and who spent his presidency living a luxurious life, not even visiting any liberated areas inside Syria or looked after the refugees and Syrian children?


Irritated observers wonder whether the disagreement between the two main bodies within the Coalition means the conflict will last as long the conflict between Qatar and Saudi Arabia does.


In the end, it seems that determining the period of the Coalition’s presidency for three months only and making it extendable only once, is a sneaky plan to kill the revolution by distracting the political figures every three months with leadership struggles, Meanwhie the downward spiral continues, deepening differences and disagreement between members, and attracting those seeking to position themselves and who do not care about Syrians inside and outside the country.



It is time to stand against what has been going on, and to call the Coalition to value the Syrian sacrifices. It is time to choose a symbol form inside Syria to lead until the revolution ends, as the three or six months period is a mere trap for fame-seekers.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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