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Syrian Officer Killed in Quneitra Amid Israeli Mobilization

A Enab Baladi correspondent said that the Syrian regime forces conducted a search operation in the area.
Syrian Officer Killed in Quneitra Amid Israeli Mobilization

On Thursday, April 13th, a security checkpoint in the southern countryside of Quneitra was targeted, resulting in the death of an officer and injuries to several members of the Syrian regime forces. According to the Enab Baladi correspondent, the incident was preceded by explosions in the area and the sound of Israeli aircraft flying. The correspondent also reported that after the bombing, ambulances were heard in the area, and the Syrian regime forces conducted a search operation.

Possible Israeli Targeting 

The incident occurred amidst an Israeli military alert along the border strip between the Syrian border and the occupied Syrian Golan. This morning, local pages and social media accounts reported that the Israeli shelling of the checkpoints had taken place. According to media activist Nour Abu al-Hassan, the targeted checkpoints were owned by the State Security Branch and the Syrian regime forces.  

Israel Bombed Maher al-Assad HQ in Response to Iranian Attack

The “Bride of the Golan” Facebook page said that several rockets were launched from inside the occupied Golan towards the town of Ghadeer al-Bustan and its farms. 

Enab Baladi could not confirm the veracity of this information, nor did the Syrian regime government comment on this news.   

Denial of media outlets close to the regime 

Sham FM, a local media outlet aligned with the Syrian regime, reported on Wednesday, April 13, that an explosive device had been planted near one of the points in the town of Ghadeer al-Bustan in the southern countryside. In contrast, the Athr Press website cited unnamed sources claiming that there was no Israeli targeting in the area. The website clarified that the explosions heard were caused by an explosive device planted near a military post.


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