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Syrian Army Advances in Idleb

The Syrian Army is continuing its advance in northern Syria, engaging in clashes with terrorists on the outskirts of Jerjnaz, a major stronghold, reports The Syria Times.
Syrian Army Advances in Idleb

The Syrian army carried out intensive strikes against the al-Nusra Front in the southeastern countryside of Idleb, making fresh advances in the Maarat al-Nu’man area. 

Army units advanced today towards the towns of Deir al-Sharqi, Babolin, Abo Makki and Jerjnaz. They engaged in fierce clashes with terrorist groups on the southern sides of Jerjnaz town, which is a major stronghold for terrorists in the Maarat al-Nu’man area. 

The Syrian army inflicted heavy losses on the terrorist groups and some of them fled towards the heart of Jerjnaz town using residents as human shields and preventing them from leaving to safe areas. 

The fresh advance comes one day after military units recaptured the strategic town of al-Tih. 

Over the past three days, the Syrian army has liberated over 30 towns and villages in Maarat al-Nu’man countryside to the southeast of Idleb. 

By noon on Sunday, 160 terrorists linked to the al-Nusra Front and its allied groups had been killed and 200 others were wounded during clashes with the Syrian army, which started three days ago. 

The Syrian army continues its advance, covered by intensive airstrikes carried out by Syrian and Russian jets. 

The rapid collapse of terrorist groups in the ongoing battle is caused by the failure of negotiations between al-Nusra Front terrorists’ ringleaders and their allies and the Turkish-backed “National Army” in Idleb, according to the Beirut-based al-Mayadeen TV channel.

In other developments, Syrian air defenses yesterday intercepted hostile missiles over Damascus.

One of the missiles fell on the Aqraba area in Damascus countryside. 

The missiles were launched from Israeli-occupied lands, according to the Syrian TV channel. 

Moreover, the Syrian army yesterday downed a terrorist drone over Jableh city in Lattakia, the Syrian Alikhbaria TV channel reported.

Syrian air defenses also intercepted hostile targets over Hama airbase, according to the Syrian Alikhbaria TV channel.


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