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Syria Will Adhere to Russian-U.S. Agreement: Zoubi

Information Minister says Syria takes its commitments seriously
Syria Will Adhere to Russian-U.S. Agreement: Zoubi

The information minister Omran al-Zoubi said on Monday that Syria will adhere to the Russian-U.S. plan on chemical weapons in Syria once the U.N. approves it.


In an interview with the British ITN TV, Zoubi said that Syria is committed to all resolutions issued by the U.N. and also agrees to the Russian plan to get rid of Syria's chemical weapons. He said Syria has already started preparing the required documents.

Zoubi stressed that Syria will implement the Russian-U.S. plan as soon as it becomes viable in light of a resolution issued by the U.N. Security Council, adding that Syria will also facilitate the work of U.N. inspectors in accordance with the agreement.


"Syria views with great seriousness the Russian-U.S. deal," he said, adding that Syria adheres to its agreements.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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