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Syria Welcomes Landmark Iranian Nuclear Agreement

Syria welcomes framework agreement between Iran and the P5 1 on Iranian nuclear aspirations
Syria Welcomes Landmark Iranian Nuclear Agreement

Iran and the P5 1 states reached a preliminary agreement Thursday in the Swiss city of Lausanne regarding Iran’s nuclear program. The agreement is considered a significant breakthrough that could pave the way for a final agreement by June 30.

An official Foreign Ministry source said Syria had been “closely following the talks between the Iranian government and the P5 1 Group”, and always hoped they would yield an agreement that preserves Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear energy and dispels confusion about the nature of the program.

“Syria highly appreciates the efforts that representatives of the Iranian government put in defense of the interests of their country and its right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes,” said the source, emphasizing the necessity that Western countries deliver on their commitments and lift sanctions against Iran.

The source said Syria welcomes Iran’s scientific achievements, reaffirming the importance that Western states respect the right of developing countries to achieve scientific and technological progress.

Syria considers the agreement “another contribution” by the Islamic Republic of Iran to consolidate the values of international peace and security, while easing tensions in the region and the world, the source added.

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