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Syria to UN: Homs Bombings Are Turkish-Saudi Attempts to Impede Political Solution

Foreign ministry calls on UN to condemn series of deadly bombings that targeted neighborhoods in Homs and Damascus on Sunday
Syria to UN: Homs Bombings Are Turkish-Saudi Attempts to Impede Political Solution

Syria has demanded the United Nations Security Council and UN Secretary General strongly and immediately condemn the twin terrorist attacks that rocked Homs on Sunday morning.

Terrorists detonated two cars packed with heavy explosives in the Zahraa neighborhood, Homs city, claiming the lives of over 46 civilians and severely injuring more than 110 others, most of whom remain in a critical condition.

Another attack targeted the Arman neighborhood, also killing dozens.

The ministry noted that similar bombings previously hit the same neighborhood that left hundreds of children, women and elderly people dead.

News of those previous attacks, it said, fell on deaf ears and failed to elicit interest or condemnation from the Security Council, regardless of the grave loss of life and material damage caused.

According to the ministry, it has become abundantly clear that the terrorist organizations committing these acts are the tools of Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The attacks, it said, are a Turkish-Saudi response after the two sides’ role in inflaming the crisis in Syria was laid bare.

Turkish and Saudi authorities have specifically tried to impede the diplomatic efforts seeking a political solution to the crisis, the ministry added.

Despite the continued terrorist crimes, the Syrian government will press ahead with its fight against terrorism and its efforts to reach a political solution to the crisis, it stressed.

This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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