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Syria ‘Strongly Condemns’ Terrorist Attack on Russian Civilian Airliner Over Sinai

Syria's Foreign Ministry declares solidarity with Russia’s people and leadership after the downing of a passenger jet over the Sinai Peninsula last month
Syria ‘Strongly Condemns’ Terrorist Attack on Russian Civilian Airliner Over Sinai

Syria strongly condemned Wednesday the terrorist attack targeting a Russian civilian plane over Sinai, Egypt, which claimed the lives of hundreds on board.

The 224 victims, mostly Russian tourists, were killed when the A321 plane crashed in Sinai last month only minutes after departing for Russia.

Syria's Foreign Ministry released a statement declaring solidarity with Russia’s people and leadership, and affirmed its readiness for cooperation with the Russian authorities in chasing the Islamic State criminals who perpetrated the heinous terrorist act.

The statement added that in facing the impending dangers represented by terrorism against safety and security of the whole world, Syria renews its call for consolidating all international efforts to eliminate terrorism in line with the UN Security Council resolutions.

On Tuesday, Russia’s state security chief, Aleksandr Bortnikov, confirmed the Russian plane crash in Sinai was caused by a terrorist attack as traces of explosives were found in the wreckage, proving the aircraft disintegrated in flight after the detonation of a homemade bomb.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said last month’s incident was one of the bloodiest acts in his country’s history, stressing that Russia will pursue those responsible wherever they are.

Putin added that the attack was not the first time Russia had faced such “barbarous terrorist crimes, more often without apparent causes, outside or domestic.”

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