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Syria, Iran Discuss Boosting Cooperation in Reconstruction Stage

Iranian ambassador meets with Public Works minister to discuss joint cooperation in the reconstruction of Syria's infrastructure and service projects
Syria, Iran Discuss Boosting Cooperation in Reconstruction Stage

Minister of Public Works Hussein Arnous met with the Iranian Ambassador Mohammad Reza Raouf Sheibani to discuss the implementation of signed agreements between Iran and Syria, together with Iranian corporate contribution in Syria’s reconstruction stage.

Arnous claimed studies are underway for the reconstruction of Syria’s damaged infrastructure, in addition to working on enhancing Syrian construction companies’ ability to support the national economy.

The minister also invited Iranian companies to contribute to service projects in the reconstruction stage.

Sheibani noted that both sides are now forming joint technical committees to carry out proposed projects in the bilateral economic cooperation agreement, and to coordinate regarding the contribution of Iranian companies in reconstruction.

In March, Syria and Iran signed an economic cooperation agreement covering the fields of energy, industry, agriculture, and joint investment, with emphasis on enhancing the role of the private sector.

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