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Syria Today – Putin Discusses Syria in Arab Tour; Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Face “Double Trauma”

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Syria Today – Putin Discusses Syria in Arab Tour; Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Face “Double Trauma”

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently visited the Gulf region, engaging in talks with leaders of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, including about the ongoing Syrian conflict. Meanwhile, in southern Lebanon, Syrian refugees face a “double trauma” as they once again flee conflict, this time along the country’s borders with winter exacerbating their hardships. At the same time, reports indicate an escalation in Turkish attacks on northeast Syria, resulting in the death of at least 32 civilians, including women and children this year.

Putin Discusses Syria During UAE Visit

The pan-arab Middle Easy Eye has reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin met the leaders of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, during his first visit to the Gulf region in several years.

Putin met UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed in Abu Dhabi where the duo discussed, among other things, energy cooperation and advanced technologies, Russia’s state-owned Tass news agency reported. The war in Syria is also on the menu of the discussions, the UAE having played an essential role in the normalization of the Assad regime.

‘Double trauma’ for displaced Syrians fleeing south Lebanon bombardment

The Lebanese newspaper L’Orient Today has reported that many Syrian refugees in Lebanon found themselves once again escaping a war, this time on the country’s southern borders. This is even more difficult as winter sets in.

The article tells the story of Abdallah and his family, originally from Syria’s Hassake. After the war in Syria, they initially fled to south Lebanon. But because of the current conflict between Hezbollah and Israel, they now huddle inside a sparsely furnished room of the former dental clinic in the city of Chtaura, which has become their temporary home.

With world’s eyes on Gaza, Turkey attacks Syria’s Kurds again

The pan-Arab al-Monitor has reported that since the beginning of 2023, at least 32 civilians have died in Turkish attacks in northeast Syria, including seven women and five children, according to local monitoring organizations. The website claims that Turkey has intensified its attacks on the Kurdish autonomous areas in the northeast.


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