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Syria Rejects Turkish Regime’s Pretexts for Aggression

A Russian diplomat said Moscow will do all it can to avoid "complications" in Syria, according to SANA.
Syria Rejects Turkish Regime’s Pretexts for Aggression

A session of official talks was held in the Kazakh capital this morning between the delegations of the Syrian Arab Republic headed by Dr. Ayman Sousan, Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister, and the delegation of the Russian Federation headed by Alexander Lavrentiev, the Russian President’s Special Envoy to Syria.

During the talks, the developments of the situation in Syria from its various aspects were reviewed, particularly the pretexts used by the Turkish regime to launch an aggression on Syrian lands.

The Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister affirmed Syria’s absolute rejection of the pretexts offered by the Turkish regime for launching aggression on its lands which aims to achieve its expansionist ambitions.

Sousan reiterated the Syrians’ determination to defend their homeland, resist occupation, and adhere to their lands’ unity, sovereignty and independence.

He added that the aggressive threats of the Turkish regime constitute a flagrant violation of international law, contradict the understandings and outputs of the Astana process, constitute a severe threat to peace and security in the region and undermine all previous relevant understandings.

For his part, Lavrentiev stressed Russia’s attachment to the sanctity and integrity of Syrian territory and the need to avoid any actions that violate Syrian sovereignty and lead to an escalation of the situation in the region.

He affirmed that Russia will continue to make all possible efforts to prevent the situation in Syria from becoming complicated.

The meeting touched on a number of other topics, including joint efforts for the return of refugees and the delivery of humanitarian aid, as views converged on the need to continue joint coordination on these issues.

Israeli aggression “not acceptable”

Lavrentiev said that U.S. forces illegally deployed in Syria under the pretext of fighting Daesh “ISIS” are continuing their aggressive activities in northeastern Syria and are stealing Syrian resources there.

“We will consider the issue of the illegal U.S. presence in northeastern Syria…In fact, U.S. forces are mainly working to control the oil fields and plunder the Syrian wealth and resources,” Lavrentiev said.

Lavrentiev stressed that the Israeli acts of aggression on Syrian territory are unacceptable.

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He said, “We will consider the issue of these increasing acts of aggression on Syrian territory… We think it will be necessary to focus on that as their continuation is unacceptable.”

“An attack has been recently launched on Damascus International Airport, and the runway was damaged in a way that does not allow international flights to be received…. Over time everything will be repaired,” he added.

Meeting with the UN Representatives

Sousan met Wednesday in the Kazakh capital Nur-Sultan, the UN delegation headed by Robert Dann, Chief of Political Affairs in the office of the UN Special Envoy for Syria and head of the UN delegation to the Astana meetings.

Sousan affirmed the need for the United Nations to assume its responsibilities to curb the aggressive policies of the president of the Turkish regime, stressing that it is unacceptable to keep silent about these policies, which pose a serious threat to security and stability in the region.

For his part, Dann referred to the stance of the United Nations that was expressed by the official spokesperson of its Secretary-General on the necessity to respect the sovereignty of Syria and to avoid any acts that would escalate the situation in the region.


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