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Syria and Iran Deepen Cooperation in Electric Energy Sector

Iran has also expressed its intention to establish two water refineries in Syria, according to Athr Press.
Syria and Iran Deepen Cooperation in Electric Energy Sector

Syria and Iran are deepening their cooperation in the field of electric energy, particularly in the production of electricity through alternative sources. According to a confidential source in the Ministry of Electricity, Syria’s Minister of Electricity, Ghassan al-Zamil, held a meeting with a senior Iranian official from the joint “Syrian-Iranian” Chamber of Commerce, Eng., to discuss potential collaboration in this area.

The discussions between the two officials primarily revolved around the possibility of Iran contributing to investment projects aimed at increasing Syria’s hydroelectric power production. Syria is recognized as one of the leading countries in the Arab world in terms of hydroelectric power generation. The source further highlights Syria’s current focus on enhancing electricity productivity from various local sources, with a strong emphasis on renewables. This includes efforts to harness solar energy through the use of solar panels, as well as the exploration of wind energy and the construction of water dams.

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Furthermore, Athr Pras announced by Iranian Energy Minister Ali Akbar Mehrabian during a meeting with Syrian Minister of Water Resources Tammam Raad. 

Mehrabian emphasized the readiness of Iran to participate in the rehabilitation of Syria’s water and electricity industry. He also mentioned two gas-powered electricity projects built by Iranian companies in Syria, which are poised for opening. 

Given Syria’s abundant water resources and established agricultural industry, Iran aims to share its expertise in canal construction, irrigation, drainage, and dam building with its Syrian counterparts.

During the meeting, Minister Tammam Raad revealed that a contract had previously been signed with the Iranian private sector for the construction of two water refineries in Syria. 

The Syrian government hopes to activate these projects soon, with the assistance of a new credit line.


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