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Strike and Demonstrations Continue for Fourth Day in Suweida

Hundreds of individuals from various cities and towns within the Suweida governorate converged at al-Karama Square, according to Syria TV.
Strike and Demonstrations Continue for Fourth Day in Suweida

The general strike and civil disobedience in Suweida have entered their fourth consecutive day, gaining momentum as demonstrations and protests expand across the governorate. This has led to the closure of numerous departments and institutions associated with the Syrian regime, including the prominent Baath Party building in the city. Roads leading to city centers and towns have also been closed off as part of these ongoing actions.

From the early hours of the morning, hundreds of individuals from various cities and towns within the Suweida governorate converged at al-Karama Square, located at the heart of Sweida city. The focal point of this gathering was a central demonstration, marked by resounding calls for the departure of Bashar al-Assad and his regime. Simultaneous protests occurred throughout the governorate in a synchronized show of dissent.

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Videos shared on local online platforms showcase a remarkable surge in the number of participants at Karama Square, surpassing figures from preceding days. Amidst this show of solidarity, protesters articulated their demands through fervent slogans. They vociferously called for freedom, the immediate resignation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and the withdrawal of foreign forces, notably exclaiming phrases such as “Syria yearns for liberty, Bashar must step aside,” “In the name of Syrian freedom, Iran, recede,” “The people of Syria demand liberty,” and “May Syria prosper, down with Bashar al-Assad.”

Amidst the unified chants and demonstrations, protesters also hoisted banners that emphasized the imperative of adhering to UN Resolution 2254. This resolution underscores a political transition as a requisite avenue to resolve the ongoing crisis. Furthermore, the demonstrators urged the prompt release of detainees and the individuals who have disappeared under mysterious circumstances within the regime’s detention facilities.

As the general strike, civil disobedience, and spirited demonstrations persist in Suweida, they underscore the unwavering determination of the populace to advocate for their fundamental rights, demand political change, and seek a just and peaceful resolution to the crisis. Thee united voice of the people resonates with the aspirations of the broader international community for a more stable and democratic Syria.

40 demonstration points in Suweida 

On Tuesday, in the governorate of Suweida, approximately 40 protest sites were documented on the third day of the ongoing general strike.

“Starting from seven o’clock in the morning, citizens have once again gathered on the streets, continuing a trend that began on Sunday. This widespread participation has been observed across numerous villages and towns,” reported the online platform, Suwayda 24. The protesters effectively obstructed roads using flaming tires and prominently displayed banners that articulated their collective demands. 

Raising salaries and raising fuel prices 

For the fourth consecutive day, the region of Suweida and its surrounding countryside are in the midst of extensive protests denouncing the economic and service policies of the Syrian regime.

On Wednesday, areas under Syrian regime control experienced a significant disruption in private transportation services. This disruption followed the government’s decision to raise fuel prices, which subsequently caused disarray among citizens and students across various governorates in Syria.

Merely hours after the Syrian regime’s president announced a legislative decree outlining a 100 percent increase in salaries and wages for public sector employees, contradictory amendments were introduced. These amendments led to a hike in the prices of diesel, gasoline, fuel, and liquid gas.


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