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Statement Regarding Yazidi Families Captured by ISIS

ISIS reported the capture of Yazidi women and children in their newspaper, Dabiq
Statement Regarding Yazidi Families Captured by ISIS

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has announced that a number of its fighters have captured Yazidi women and children, enslaved them and sold them.


The news was announced in an article published in the fourth issue of Dabiq magazine, which is the international media outlet of the organization, issued in four languages: English, Russian, Dutch and French.


The reports of the capture took up pages 14-17, under the headline: 'The Revival of Captivity'. It stated that "the fighters of the Islamic State sold the Yazidi families captured, just as the atheists were sold by the people close to Prophet Muhammad".


The Syrian Feminist Lobby condemns the acts as reported in the magazine as it humiliates human beings and puts Syria and Iraq hundreds of years back in time. The statement insults women and legitimizes their captivity and enslavement.


The lobby calls on international organizations to investigate the matter, and to press for the release of women and children and to compensate them for their suffering and to ensure their human rights are respected.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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