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Statement From the Executive Office Of the NCC

The NCC calls on all countries to withdraw foreign fighters
Statement From the Executive Office Of the NCC

The National Coordination Commission of the Democratic Change Forces (NCC), led by Hassan Abdelazim, in a statement, said that what happened in Kassab recently represents a new chapter in the bloody conflict that has exploded "as a result of regime's adoption of the security solution as a sole approach to deal with the revolution since its outbreak."


The statement, published on Wednesday, said that what is happening in the north of Latakia is a continuation of attempts to derail the negotiation process, which "brings us back to the delusions of a military takeover on both sides of the armed conflict which exacerbates the destruction that contributes to the indiscriminate shelling by the armed extremist factions against neighborhoods and residential townships."


The NCC called on regional countries and the world "to stop the attempts to interfere in the conflict, to stop the military support to both sides of the armed conflict and to withdraw all the non-Syrian fighters."


The statement said that the Executive Office of the NCC discussed developments leading to the suspension of the Geneva II conference and the end of American-Russian dialogue as a result of the Ukrainian crisis. The statement also discussed the escalation of violence and fighting between government forces and the non-Syrian armed groups supporting it, and the armed opposition forces along with non-Syrian armed groups supporting it, as well as attempts by both parties to reach a military takeover which has implications for  both civilian and military Syrians, leading to more destruction, bloodshed and internal and external displacement.


The NCC stressed the impossibility of a military takeover because of the international, Arab and regional balances, in addition to the internal crisis between the fighting parties. The statement also stressed the position of the NCC on the need to expel all non-Syrian armed groups, impose a ceasefire, and invite the supporting countries to pressure on their allies to return to negotiate a political solution in Geneva.


The NCC confirmed that it continues its efforts to hold a consultative meeting as soon as possible between the representatives of the National Coordination Commission and its allies of the Democratic Forces, the Syrian National Coalition, the Kurds and independents to put forward a negotiation program and form a delegation of the Syrian opposition forces before the resumption of the Geneva conference. This idea receives attention and encouragement from Arab and international countries, as it is considered a preparation to resume Geneva talks and provide the right conditions to accomplish a political solution.




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