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Sowt al-Asima Sources Reveal Details of Israeli Shelling on Damascus Airport

Confidential sources have informed Sowt al-Asima that Damascus International Airport is set to resume operations by the end of this week.

Confidential sources have informed Sowt al-Asima that Damascus International Airport is set to resume operations by the end of this week, following extensive runway rehabilitation and restoration efforts in the wake of Israeli airstrikes.

The Israeli airstrikes specifically targeted the airport’s runways, aiming to hinder the landing of Iranian aircraft ferrying weapons, and military equipment, as well as military experts and generals affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards to Iran-linked militias and Hezbollah.

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According to insiders at Sowt al-Asima, Syrian air defence systems were unable to intercept the recent Israeli assault on Damascus and Aleppo international airports. Vadim Kulet, the deputy head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria, revealed that seven Israeli warplanes launched an attack on Damascus and Aleppo international airports from the highest territorial waters in the Mediterranean. He confirmed that this attack involved three F-15 and four F-16 aircraft, which bombarded the runways of both airports with multiple missiles, causing extensive material damage and rendering both airports inoperative.

It’s worth noting that Aleppo and Damascus international airports had previously been rendered inoperative on October 22nd due to a simultaneous Israeli airstrike, which had a similar objective. The Israeli actions were in response to an Iranian transport plane carrying high-ranking Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Hezbollah leaders, and advanced military equipment, all destined for Damascus International Airport and, ultimately, southern Lebanon.

Interestingly, despite Aleppo International Airport’s brief return to service on October 15th, it was once again subjected to Israeli bombardment, forcing a renewed suspension of operations for maintenance.

On October 19, the Ministry of Transport announced the successful completion of maintenance work at Damascus International Airport, and it will soon recommence services, including two daily flights, along with three test flights, to ensure the airport’s navigation safety.


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