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“Sophisticated Operation” Kills 10 Regime Fighters North of Hama

The National Front for Liberation have revealed how a special operation was able to ambush and kill a number of fighters from Assad's forces reports Alsouria Net.
“Sophisticated Operation” Kills 10 Regime Fighters North of Hama

On Thursday, the Free Syrian Army’s National Front for Liberation revealed that it had killed and wounded dozens of fighters in Assad’s forces in a “sophisticated operation” by opposition factions on the frontline positions in northern Hama as part of the “Clear Victory” operations. 

The National Front said on its official platforms that it had been able to kill and wound, “Assad’s forces, including high-ranking officers, as a result of a sophisticated raid on their forces’ positions in Horsh al-Qasibiyeh in the northern Hama countryside.”

The National Front’s official spokesman, Colonel Naji Mustafa, in a statement revealed details of the operation, saying: “Groups of special operations units in the National Front this morning carried out a sophisticated raid on regime positions in al-Qasibiyeh, which killed dozens and injured more, including high-ranking officers.”

The colonel added that, “special units by night infiltrated the front lines and ambushed Assad’s forces in the morning and clashed with them with light and medium weapons, inflicting heavy losses in their ranks, amid a state of terror and fear in the ranks of Assad’s forces.”

The colonel said that, “the sophisticated operation was preceded by a similar operation on a number of other fronts, including Tellet Abou Asa’ad and the Jabal al-Qalaa in the Lattakia countryside, as well as other parts of the northern and western Hama countryside.”

Earlier, the National Front said it had destroyed one of Assad’s forces transports, killing and wounding a number of fighters who had been beside it on the Tel Huweish front in the northern Hama countryside with anti-armored rockets.

It also, “destroyed a 57-mm artillery gun on the Tel Huweish front in the northern Hama countryside with anti-armor rockets” according to the National Front.

A few days earlier, opposition forces had ambushed Assad’s forces deep in their regions in the northern and western Hama countryside with rocket strikes that struck military barricades and joint operations rooms with Russian forces. The strikes came in a series along the frontlines, from the northern Hama countryside to the town of al-Saramaniyeh in the western Hama countryside.

For the past two months, Assad’s forces with Russian military, logistical and air support have failed to achieve major progress in opposition areas through a ground military operation, with opposition units repelling all attempts to invade the area and killing hundreds of Assad’s troops. At the same time, the rebel groups are also taking the fight outside there territory, as shown by them taking over al-Jabin and Tel Malah and the al-Dahra school in the northern Hama countryside.

With the Assad’s forces failures on the ground, warplanes have continued to bombardment populated areas in the southern Idleb countryside and northern and western Hama countrysides, killing about 300 civilians since April, according to rights organizations’ documentation.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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