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Shiite Militants in Syria to Defend Iraq’s Maliki

The battle in Iraq could stretch the forces fighting the militants in Syria
Shiite Militants in Syria to Defend Iraq’s Maliki


Iraqi militias fighting with Syrian regime inside the country have announced the formation of  the Alawite Anger Squad in an attempt to raise the morals of Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki’s regime after the shocking fall of many Iraqi cities to extremist fighting groups, headed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS).


The announcement was made in a promotional video circulated online.


In the video, a Shiite fighter appears among a group of militants announcing that the so-called “Islamic Resistance in Syria” would defend Iraq from North to South.


The statement announced the formation of the Alawite Anger Squad, that includes both Zulfikar and Alemam al-Hussein brigades with more than 7,000 fighters, to regain the security of Iraq.


It seems from the video that the sectarian militias have been affected by the accelerating developments in Iraq, where many cities and vital sites have fallen, and Maliki’s army and security forces have lost all control. Chief among them was Mosul, the second-largest city of Iraq after Baghdad.


The leader of Zulfikar brigade is Haidar al-Jabbori, who was involved in many religious and sectarian massacres in al-Nabek and Damascus countryside.


Many believe that the figure of 7,000 fighters is exaggerated and there is no confirmation of the real number.


The changes in the flow of fighters from Syria to Iraq, will present new challenge to the militias that come to fight for Bashar Assad from Iraq, and the results of this should appear soon.


Militants from ISIS” on Wednesday seized the northern Iraqi city of Tikrit, a day after Mosul fell under their control.


The rapid collapse of the Iraqi army, shocked the regionally and internationally community.


Militants took control of government buildings, financial institutions and weapons stores, which could help them gain strength in their war against Maliki.


Militants seized a local prison and freed hundreds of inmates in Tikrit, the hometown of Saddam Hussein, and the capital of Salaheddin province.


In Mosul on Wednesday, the militants on Wednesday seized 48 Turks from the Turkish consulate, including the consul-general, three children, and several members of Turkey’s Special Forces, which adds a new angle to the conflict in Iraq and Middle East.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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