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Shariah Court in Aleppo Executes Man on Charges of Incest

Man accused of raping his daughter several times
Shariah Court in Aleppo Executes Man on Charges of Incest

The Sharia Judicial Commission in western Aleppo executed at dawn a 40-year-old man on charges of incest. The execution took place in the Salah Al-Din neighborhood.


The director of the media office for the Judiciary, Ahmad Abu Islam, told Zaman al-Wasl that the Commission had arrested the man, called "S.A." on the basis of a complaint submitted by his son-in-law who gave his official testimony in front of the Shariah judge in one of the western neighborhoods of Aleppo 40 days ago. The man said his father-in-law had raped his daughter several times.


Abu Islam said they summoned the daughter to hear her testimony and she confirmed the allegations, explaining that her father had raped her several times and obliged her to go through sexual intercourse with him and her mother. The Shariah judge issued the death sentence against the father, and the sentence was carried out on Wednesday at dawn by a military shooting.


The director of the media office said the court filmed the investigations and the testimonies, documenting them in the official archive of the court.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published the story under the headline: "Islamic Army Executes Man on Charges of Incest in Salah al-Din South of Aleppo", but without mentioning the details and facts related to the news. This was condemned by activists in the city who accused the Observatory of always putting "poison in the honey" through publishing partial or inaccurate information.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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