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Shaaban: China and Russia Stood With Syria

The Special Presidential Adviser to the Presidency said that Russia and China are standing up to a NATO-dominated world, according to al-Watan.
Shaaban: China and Russia Stood With Syria
Shaaban: China and Russia Stood With Syria

Special Presidential Adviser to the Presidency, Buthaina Shaaban, stressed that national responsibility lies with everyone and we are all partners in shaping the future of our country. The person who honestly decides his path cannot be defeated by anyone, whatever the circumstances. 

Shaaban stressed in a dialogue meeting on Wednesday at Tishreen University –under the title “Syria and the regional and international situation”–  that during the unjust reality to which Syria was subjected, China, Russia, the Shanghai Organization, and the BRICS countries tried to reduce the tyranny imposed by the West on the Syrian people, as it was recorded for the first time the use of a double veto by Russia and China in 2011 and repeated for more than 10 years. 

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“The United States and NATO are deciding what’s going on in the world, so Russia and the countries with it had to deal with the law of the jungle imposed by the West and its allies,” she said. 

Regarding what is happening today in Russia and Ukraine, Shaaban explained that Russia is proceeding according to a systematic plan through which it tries not to harm civilians and not to target military zones affecting Russia. Russia is victorious with its methodology. 

Shaaban noted that despite the massive sanctions imposed on Russia, it has been able to maintain the value of its currency, though Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement that it will export gas and oil to all non-ruble-friendly countries, a move that will be a focal point in ending the dominance of the U.S. dollar, which will draw a new face for the future of the world.


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