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Several ISIS Terrorists Killed in Heavy Clashes with Syrian Army

The Syrian Arab Army has responded to Islamic State attacks, with airstrikes and ground assaults, causing a number of casualties reports Al-Masdar.
Several ISIS Terrorists Killed in Heavy Clashes with Syrian Army

The Syrian army has been involved in heavy clashes with the Islamic State (ISIS) this week, following several attacks launched by the terrorist group, between the governorates of Hama and Homs.

According to a field source in Homs Governorate, ISIS launched a powerful attack on the Syrian Arab Army’s positions in the al-Sa’an district of southeastern Hama this week, prompting the latter to deploy reinforcements and their airforce to the front lines.

The source told Al-Masdar that the Syrian army suffered several casualties during the clashes, but once reinforcements and their air force arrived at the scene of the firefights, they were able to drive back the terrorists.

The source added that the Syrian Arab Army was able to inflict heavy casualties within the ranks of ISIS, which led to their subsequent withdrawal from the battle area.

At the same time, the Syrian and Russian air forces have been working vigorously to target the suspected hideouts of the terrorist group, as they hunt ISIS fighters across the vast desert region between central and eastern Syria.

The Syrian Air Force, alongside their Russian partners, launched more raids south of Hama Governorate, targeting ISIS positions in eastern Homs.

A source from the Syrian army said the Syrian and Russian Air Force repeatedly struck ISIS positions within the Badiya al-Sham region, while hitting other sites near the al-Tanf region.
ISIS has resurfaced in several parts of central and eastern Syria over the last two years, as they continue to wreak havoc inside the Arab Republic.


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