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SDC: U.S. Looks for Mechanism to Ease Caesar Act on Syrians

An SDC official has claimed that the U.S. administration is working on a mechanism to ease the impact of the Caesar sanctions on civilians in Syria, according to North Press.
SDC: U.S. Looks for Mechanism to Ease Caesar Act on Syrians
SDC: U.S. Looks for Mechanism to Ease Caesar Act on Syrians

The Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) representative in Washington, Sinem Muhammad, said on Sunday that her bureau heard promises from Washington about the intention of the U.S. Department of Treasury to ease the Caesar act sanctions and search for ways to improve the livelihood of the Syrian citizens.

The SDC representative added to North Press that the SDC seeks to improve the economic conditions of all Syrians, which prompts its representative in Washington to demand the U.S. administration to ease the sanctions and their impact on the Syrian citizen while making sure that the Syrian regime does not benefit from this easing.

She pointed out that a law was issued in the past months, through which Washington allowed the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to operate in any Syrian region, including those of the Syrian government, without being affected by the sanctions.

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“The opposition felt a consensus by the leaders responsible for foreign policies in the Republican and Democratic parties, and a will to hold Syrian President Bashar al-Assad accountable for the war crimes committed by his regime, in addition to dismantling the Syrian drug network, stopping normalization with the Syrian regime, and confronting any attempts to violate Caesar’s Act or any other U.S. sanctions against the regime,” Ayman Abdelnour, a Syrian writer and opponent residing in Washington, told North Press.

“We believe that civilians in Syria are the most affected by the sanctions, while the ruling segment in Syria maintains a good standard of living, which has not been affected by the sanctions. Therefore, we would like to see the American positions that help the Syrian people in our regions and other regions,” Sinem Muhammad added.

She noted the necessity of completely exempting northeastern Syria from the sanctions, as the region lacks border crossings, except for the Semalka border crossing with the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, which is a narrow and unofficial crossing.

“Until now, the regime controls the most important crossings through which humanitarian aid arrive for the Syrians, and refrains from providing any aid to northeastern Syria, including Covid-19 vaccine, which the Syrian government obtained quantities of without distributing any of it to the Autonomous Administration held areas.”


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