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Scores Killed in Regime Air Strikes on Rebel-Held Aleppo

At least 60 killed in as little as three days as Syrian government responds to rebel shelling of western Aleppo earlier this week
Scores Killed in Regime Air Strikes on Rebel-Held Aleppo

The Syrian air force raided the neighborhood of al-Shaar in the northern city of Aleppo on Thursday, killing at least 20 people, sending the civilian death toll to 60 in the last 72 hours, activists and monitoring groups said.

The Assad regime's devastating air campaign was extended on Tuesday when rebel mortar rounds struck government-held neighborhoods in western Aleppo, killing 38 people, including 14 children, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

At least 10 people in rebel-held neighborhoods of the city were reportedly killed on Tuesday in response to the attacks.

On Wednesday, further regime air strikes on Aleppo killed 30 civilians, according to the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR).

The monitoring group said at least 20 people, including three children and a woman, were killed in a barrel bomb attack on al-Mashhad neighborhood, while seven other victims also lost their lives in a missile attack on al-Kallaseh neighborhood.

SNHR also reported death of three people in regime shelling on al-Sukari neighborhood of Aleppo Wednesday.

Activists claim the Syrian military frequently uses helicopters to drop barrel bombs – giant canisters packed with hundreds of pounds of explosives and scrap metal – on rebel-held towns and neighborhoods.

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