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Salih Muslim Tries to Sabotage Rapprochement Between Damascus and the Kurds

Salih Muslim has accused the newspaper Al-Watan of spreading lies about meetings between the Kurdish leaders and the government writes Al-Watan
Salih Muslim Tries to Sabotage Rapprochement Between Damascus and the Kurds

In an attempt to return to the limelight, and as part of his efforts to derail any rapprochement between the government and Syrian-Kurdish citizens and thus hinder a Turkish intervention in the country’s north, the former co-president of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Salih Muslim, accused the Al-Watan newspaper of publishing rumors of meetings which did not occur between officials in Damascus and Kurdish leaders.

Muslim said on his official Twitter page that: “The Syrian Al-Watan newspaper is the source of all the rumors which aim to dissolve positions and views that could lead to a solution in Syria, and is publishing lies about meetings which have not happened, and its sources are unknown.”

He continued: “If this is tied to the Syrian intelligence services then it is evidence that the regime is not serious, and if it is linked to the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT) then it is carrying out its mission to the fullest!!!”

Kurdish sources close to the PYD told Al-Watan that Muslim is one of the faces of the movement within the PYD trying to sabotage the latest rapprochement and the negotiations which have begun to restore the state’s institutions to the area controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and put this area under the control of the Syrian army in order to save it from the vagaries of American policies and the Turkish intervention and avoid repeating the tragedy of Afrin in other areas.

The sources said that “Muslim and those with him are responsible for the blood of the innocents which was shed in Afrin and are responsible for the takeover by the Turkish army and the terrorist militias which Ankara backs through their insistence on proposing federalism despite Russian meditation at the time.” They said: “Muslim is trying to repeat the tragedy once again as a service to the Turkish intelligence, whom it seems he may have become an agent for after numerous meetings with major officials between 2013 and 2014, when he visited Turkey four times and met, according to Turkish media, with the head of the national intelligence agency, Hakan Fidan, and the head of the intelligence administration Ughur Kagan Ayaq, and one of the heads of the intelligence agencies, Kamal Askin Tan, as well as meetings with the Turkish foreign minister at that time, Ahmet Davutoglu. And let’s not forget that he graduated from the Chemical Engineering College in Istanbul University in 1977.”

Al-Watan stresses that it rejects Muslim’s accusations, and that all its news is published with clear and trusted sources. In response to the unjustified attack on the newspaper, we say: If we are accused of being linked to the Syrian intelligence agency, this is an honor we cannot claim. It is an agency representing the Syrian nation and not the enemies and killers of Syrians. As for the connection to the MIT, perhaps Mr. Muslim should remember the number of people who have died because of him in Afrin when he handed it to the Turks.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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