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Salem al-Meslet to Nedaa Post: Syria is not Bashar al-Assad

The opposition president said the "criminal regime" has killed millions and displaced thousands, according to Nedaa Post.
Salem al-Meslet to Nedaa Post: Syria is not Bashar al-Assad

The head of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, Salem al-Meslet, said in an interview with Nedaa Post: “There must be changes after this earthquake, and there must be a change in the international position towards the humanitarian catastrophe that Syria is going through.”
“The political solution must be accelerated, which is what we have committed towards the Syrian people. We do not want the Syrian tents to be permanent tents. Still, temporary tents, meaning that there will be a real solution to the humanitarian crisis suffered by the people of northwestern Syria,” he added.
“We found clear negligence by the United Nations in saving our Syrian people and did not rush to respond to the urgent appeal for humanitarian assistance to save the affected Syrian people,” he said.

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“The international community should know that it is not this criminal regime that has killed millions and displaced thousands that rushed to save Syrians from the disaster by delivering aid to those affected because we do not recognize this regime and we do not trust the delivery of any of the aid that the regime claims to have sent,” he said.
In response to the United Nations permission to the Assad regime to open the crossings, Meslet commented: “This is strange and condemnable that the United Nations requests the approval of the head of the regime, Bashar al-Assad, to open two additional crossings. Dealing with this regime increases the impact of the disaster on the Syrians.
“We hope that all countries will review their past positions towards normalization with Assad, which contradict the cause of the Syrian people because this regime only brings disasters and protects the Iranian agenda that threatens the region in general,” he said.
“The Assad regime took advantage of the earthquake disaster, and it is not surprising that this criminal regime flooded neighbouring countries with drugs to protect its own agenda. Calculations must be re-done because Syria is not Bashar al-Assad,” he said.
“The past countries to normalize with Assad must take into account the feelings of the Syrians in that. Perhaps, there are countries that felt that rapprochement with the Assad regime would reduce the danger surrounding them and therefore rushed to enter the path of normalization as we have previously witnessed from Arab and international positions, but on the contrary, this will only worsen the situation.”


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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