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Ryabkov: Russia’s Only Goal in Aleppo is Solving Humanitarian Issue

Russian deputy FM tells press that there are no plans for a major offensive in Aleppo city after US warns of escalation
Ryabkov: Russia’s Only Goal in Aleppo is Solving Humanitarian Issue

Moscow has rejected accusations that it plans to depopulate the city of Aleppo in preparation for a large-scale assault after announcing the launch of Russian-regime managed humanitarian corridors out of the city for civilians.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told reporters on Wednesday that there are speculations towards Russia’s humanitarian operation in Aleppo, adding “we repeat again that we have no goals other than solving humanitarian problems faced by the residents of Aleppo and creating conditions to extend the ceasefire.”

He stressed that there are no plans for an offensive in Aleppo, either by Syrian forces nor through strikes by the Russian air force, adding “absolutely false and harmful interpretations of our actions are voiced by certain circles in Washington.”

Earlier, the Russian diplomat described the American statements on Russia’s role in Syria as “hateful,” asserting that the US demanded to stop fighting the terrorists in Syria. Ryabkov accused the US of following “banned tricks” immediately after the Syrian army and Russian air forces achieved a tangible advance against terrorist organizations.

On the humanitarian operation led by the Syrian and Russian forces in Aleppo, Ryabkov said that Russia invited the US to cooperate when the operation first started, pointing out that the invitation is still open.

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