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Russia’s Largest Electronic Intelligence Base Discovered in Syria: Media

The location of Russia’s large electronic intelligence base has been discovered and it believed to be responsible for controlling the entire situation across all of Syria writes Al-Masdar.
Russia’s Largest Electronic Intelligence Base Discovered in Syria: Media

The location of Russia’s “largest electronic intelligence base” in Syria has been discovered in Homs Governorate, the publication, Avia.Pro, reported on Thursday.

“In Homs, the Russian military deployed an electronic reconnaissance station, which collects data on the location of any air defense systems deployed in Syria, military aircraft and communication complexes,” the Russian online publication said.

“The fact that the existence of such a complex only became known of now, is likely due to the growing confrontation between Russia, Turkey and the United States on the territory of the Arab Republic.”

Avia.Pro cited a photo from the Telegram channel, Reverse Side of the Medal, who showed Russian servicemen posing in front of a base showing antennas.

The photo in question shows Russian servicemen in front of the alleged electronic intelligence base in the Syrian governorate of Homs.

“In the background one can see the antennas of the Russian electronic intelligence systems. Judging by the number of antennas placed, we are talking about a whole RER complex, which probably allows you to control the situation throughout Syria. It is not known what specific systems are being used, however, experts also do not exclude the possibility of executive electronic reconnaissance stations, electronic countermeasures, etc. may be located here.”

They added that it was previously believed that the main electronic intelligence base was near the Syrian capital, Damascus.


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