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Russian Warplanes Accidentally Bomb Regime Forces in Homs

Fighter jets accidentally hit regime positions in the region because of proximity to opposition locations, activist says
Russian Warplanes Accidentally Bomb Regime Forces in Homs

An al-Souria Net correspondent in Homs has confirmed the accidental bombing of regime forces by Russian warplanes on Thursday, killing two brigadiers and six soldiers.

Journalist Yarub Ad-Daly pointed out that the most important location hit was Mulouk checkpoint – the largest and most fortified checkpoint in the countryside of Homs – located in the south of the city of Talbiseh (6 kilometers away from the Homs ciy). The location comprises a number of residential areas and car companies captured earlier by Syrian forces.

Witnesses said that the shelling hit also Mokhtaria, Kafarnan, an-Najmah and Attoun checkpoints, in addition to Brigade 26, a local power station, a military school, as well as some predominantly Shiite villages and towns.

Media activist Muhammad Sibai told al-Souria Net that the Russian warplanes accidentally bombed regime locations in the region because they were too close to opposition locations.

Regime forces backed by Russian air forces recently attacked several towns in the northern countryside of Homs, killing at least eight civilians and injuring many others, mostly women and children, in an attempt to help regime forces advance and seize control of opposition-held cities and towns.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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