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Russian Survey in Regime Areas: No Confidence in Bashar Al-Assad as Concerns of Loyalists Reach Climax 

A survey conducted by a Russian news agency suggests that popularity for President Assad is low and there is discontent with the government’s policies write All4Syria.
Russian Survey in Regime Areas: No Confidence in Bashar Al-Assad as Concerns of Loyalists Reach Climax 

A recent Russian poll sampling residents of Assad regime-held areas found “unpopularity,” days after a similar poll conducted by a foundation close to the Russian government.

The Ria Fan news agency reported that the poll included a sample of 1,000 Syrians in regime areas, and was conducted by a Russian polling company in April 2020.

The poll showed Bashar al-Assad’s unpopularity, with only 31.4 percent approving him. 41.3 percent had a negative opinion, and the rest refused to answer. It is noted from the percentage who feared answering (and the percentage is high), that the survey is genuine, as the agency later tried to avoid conducting the survey due to pressure from the Kremlin, according to the source. 

The survey results were as follows:

What are the biggest problems in Syria? 

71.3 percent: corruption

60.6 percent: low salaries and increasing price of living

43.4 percent: lack of electricity

36.7 percent: lack of legitimate government

16.1 percent: not enough food

15.7 percent: lack of political stability

12.6 percent: terrorist threat

Regarding voting for Bashar al-Assad in the 2021 elections: 

53.1 percent voted no

32.1 percent voted yes

When asked “What is your opinion about Assad’s candidacy in the 2021 elections?”

23.5 percent voted positively

36.8 percent voted negatively

39.7 percent avoided answering

On “the possibility of mass demonstrations in Syria against Bashar al-Assad”:

9.3 percent said it was very possible

27.8 percent said it was likely

10.4 percent said it was unlikely

28.9 percent said demonstrations have become impossible

23.6 percent said they were unable to answer

Responding to whether “Syria needs the emergence of new powerful politicians”:

70.2 percent said they agreed

9.3 percent did not agree

On whether “the president should begin negotiations regarding Kurdish autonomy”:

29.4 percent agreed

33.7 percent did not agree

On whether it “is necessary for the Syrian army to regain control over all areas of the country”:

30.5 percent agreed

35.8 percent did not agree


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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