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Regime Invests in Roads, Schools Prior to January Talks

Regime promotes infrastructure investment prior to Moscow-held talks
Regime Invests in Roads, Schools Prior to January Talks

Syrian pro-regime newspaper, Tishreen, published the following story:


The completion of building Arts and Sciences faculties at the University of Deir-ez-Zor.


Remaining construction on the faculties of Arts and Sciences in Deir-ez-Zor University has finished. The project included four main blocks in addition to their facilities. Head of Euphrates University, Dr. Ali Al-Ali, said the finished work was the result of a follow-up meeting on remaining projects for the Ministry of Higher Education.


While pro-regime Thawra newspaper published the following news:


300 million pounds spent on road projects in Lattakia in 2014


Director of Technical Services in Lattakia, Jamal Ammoun, confirmed the Directorate completed a series of projects in 2014, including:  reconstruction of several roads, 2 km of road connecting Moshe – Bekrama road with al-Maten al-Qalila road, and 4 km of road connecting Qardahah road with Serna-Qashaba-Majdal Saleh-Aramo road.


Ammoun also mentioned the ongoing building of schools, including: Khalaf financial school, Dator–al-Bahlouliah school, Bardykha school, Jeb Hasan school in the city of Lattakia, al-Meseterah school in Qardaha, and al-Fed school and Nadim al-Qadi schools in the city of Jablah – totalling 500 million pounds.


The two stories show how the Syrian government continues to work in construction, education, health and other areas of development in Syria.


The publications coincide with political observers expecting that Moscow will succeed in holding a meeting between the regime and the opposition to discuss a Syrian political solution.



Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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